The ‘D’ Word

“May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.” Psalm 19:14

Have you ever considered that enabling good consequences requires the application of the ‘D’ word?  Discipline means:  a way of behaving that shows a willingness to obey rules or orders.  It is not a warm and fuzzy word but it is required if anything is to change for the better.  Last week my son said to me, “Mom, you’re never happy. It’s either too cold or there are ants or you’re gaining weight, etc.” It’s true.  I can always find something wrong in my world. My critical spirit is alive and well.  The funny thing is, I’ve been praying for grace. But, instead of “granting my wish” God, in His wisdom, has allowed circumstances and relationships that require it!

However, it takes discipline to achieve a gracious outlook and demeanor.  Recently I’ve been in “go” mode and have noticed my lack of discipline in several ways. First, the pounds piled on. This happened because I decided not to pay attention to my activity level or what I ate.  Second, the dental hygienist told me my gums were bleeding.  Why? Because I haven’t been flossing. Third, my house is even more disorganized than usual.  (The laundry seems to be procreating along with the dishes.)  Finally, confusion, anxiety and fear have been knocking loudly at my door.  I know this is because my time with the Lord has been rushed. I have put my “to do” list first.

In contrast, when I sit at His feet daily and purpose to be intimate with Him, even if the enemy is attacking, I don’t hear the knock!  Therefore, a disciplined routine is necessary for positive results.  For example, I have purposed to write this blog every Wednesday.  Even on my busy days it gets posted because I’ve made it a priority.  When I apply this to other areas of my life like exercising, flossing, cleaning and, most importantly, spending time with the Lord then the reward is great.  I am at peace and compelled by His love. In the meantime, I maintain a healthy weight, have a tidy home, avoid gum surgery and am a joy to live with instead of a drag. Best of all it glorifies God!

On the other hand, doing nothing does not create a state of neutrality, rather it encourages decline in all areas.  If I ignore my relationship with God then I become distant from Him and much more self absorbed, making me very hard to live with.  Likewise, when I ignore the house, my health, etc., they go into a state of decline without much effort.  In one of her workout videos Jillian Michaels said, “Don’t phone this one in people. This is your workout.”  This resonated with me because, even though I could hire someone to clean the house, I can’t hire someone to work out for me and I certainly can’t hire someone to spend time with the Lord for me.  This is my time with God and I cannot phone it in if I want to grow spiritually.  If the goal is to abide with Him I need to be with Him and read His Word consistently. We all want the results that a disciplined walk with the Lord brings.  Make spending time with the Lord and taking care of yourself a priority.  Sit at His feet and then jump for joy because God gave us discipline so we could be mature disciples of Jesus, freeing us from the fatty flesh of sin. Praise God that He is your Redeemer!

One response to “The ‘D’ Word”

  1. Marlene, this was perfect for me today. A great reminder of blessings God wants to give me when I am disciplined in the things that will mature me in Him. I also love that truth …. when I’m having time with the Lord and He fills my reservoir, I’m not even going to hear the devil knock! Thank you!


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