Hello! I’m Marlene, a writer and child of God living in beautiful New England.

At twenty-eight years old I was transformed by grace. Since then, I have enjoyed learning and growing through the teachings of wonderful mentors who have encouraged and inspired me to write with transparency. Because of this, I write openly, sharing my heart as God leads and, more importantly, to point others to Jesus Christ.  My prayer is that anything you read will encourage you in the faith and spur you on to finish well for the Glory of God. Writing is a passion I am fortunate to pursue but I also enjoy drawing, painting, reading, going to the beach and golf, as long as I get to drive the cart.

My husband, Marty, and I were married in 1992 and by God’s grace we have persevered through hard times and are abundantly blessed. Our married journey began in the dark cave of unbelief that led to severe heartbreak before I was saved. Now, we are a blessed, Christ-centered couple who love each other deeply.  1 Peter 3 was a pivotal chapter throughout our walk together and now Ephesians 5 is our Ebenezer stone, a constant reminder of how we can please God through our marriage.  My prayer is for our story to give you hope for your own future, whether married or single, because God is faithful.

We also have two amazing sons. Sean is thoughtful and kind, as well as a graduate of Wheaton College (IL) and UF, where he earned his MBA.  He has already fulfilled his lifelong dream of living somewhere warm after being raised in New England. Ryan, is compassionate and joyful. God has blessed him athletically and he currently plays for the Baltimore Orioles. Ryan balances his time between Texas, Florida, and Maryland. (Let’s Go O’s!) God’s grace overwhelms me as I reflect on the way He has protected and strengthened these two young men, and I’m confident any difficulties have taught them that Philippians 4:13 is real; “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.”

This blog is dedicated to my family. By God’s grace we have learned to love, forgive and grow in Christ.

Marlene McKenna

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